Uncensored and Free - 3G/4G Internet in Mainland China

China Mobile Hong Kong


    This card is no longer for sale by China Mobile Hong Kong and we have run out of inventory. We will list the new variant soon.
  • Optionally, package comes pre-activated. Please not that this means the package will have to be opened. SIM card has to be activated inside of Hong Kong.
  • SIM card is valid for 90 days after validation. Validity can be extended by refilling the prepaid amount.
  • You can add value to your China Mobile card via credit card or Union Pay here, or via Bitcoin here.
  • Data Roaming Service in China at only 1.5 HKD/MB (Daily Capped at 48 HKD)
  • SIM card comes with 60 HKD of prepaid value.
  • Browse the web anywhere in China with a Hong Kong IP address
  • Handsets supporting TDD-LTE 4G network are required, for example, iPhone 6, Samsung GALAXY Note 4 TDD N9100
  • For more information, browse: www.hk.chinamobile.com/